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Black River Bluesman (Finland)

“Jukka ´Black River Bluesman´Juhola and ‘Andy’ BAd Mood Hudson destroyed the woods and the mountains around their tiny hometown of Mustio Finland by carving their guitars and drums from whole ironwood trees with their bare hands and by using John Henry´s twelve pound hammer (with four foot handle) they beat down those mountains for brass, silver and iron (and coal to fire this thing) to fashion the rest of the parts they needed. When they were finished they stomped their thirst with a bottle of RL Burnside´s Bloody mthrfckr and sat down in the full moon light at that muddy crossroads between Holly Springs Mississippi, Mustio (Black River) to play Their raw dirty beautiful Blues.” Rick Saunders, USA http://realdeepblues.blogspot.com/

Rock critics say: “It is a blues album but we love it!” Blues critics say: “It is not a blues album but we love it!”

Jukka’s Lowebow guitars. Made by John Lowe.

Jukka plays Johnny Lowebow’s genuine handmade custom cigar-box guitars that allow him to play bass and lead at the same time. ”The flag-bearer of Finnish alt.blues” Black River Bluesman has always walked his own path, producing his uncompromising and original alt.blues with little regard for the mainstream. The line-ups have changed, but Bluesman’s blues keeps retaining nothing but the most vital elements of the music.
As one gig review put it: “The best two-man trio I’ve heard.” Their main influences might be the rough sounds of the Mississippi Hill Country Blues artists but their unrefined, electric Blues have been compared as well to anything between Black Sabbath and Black Keys or psychoblues and punk blues. They have played festivals and clubs all over the world, from Nepal to Thailand, from UK to USA.

Jukka Juhola also plays the regular electric guitar as the lead guitarist of the more conventional Hard Road Blues Band. They mostly play classic blues covers. However, in 2019 they released a single called ”Burn/Aniwa” both of which songs are composed by Jukka.

Cds released:

  • Burn/Aniwa, single (2019) The Hard Road Blues Band
  • Moonshine Medicine, album (2016) Black River Bluesman & Bad Mood Hudson
  • Candy Box Blues/Bucket Hot Water, single (2013) Black River Bluesman & Bad Mood Hudson
  • Double Headed Trouble, album (2010) Black River Bluesman & Bad Mood Hudson duo
  • Watcha Do, single/video (2010) Black River Bluesman & Bad Mood Hudson with Andres Roots
  • Rat Bone, album (2008) with the Croaking Lizard
  • Cardboard and Plastic EP (2006) with the Croaking Lizard
  • Ants in my Kitchen, album (2005) with the Cockroach Combo
  • Not a Dog-gone Thing, album (2003) with the Cockroach Combo
  • Blues from the Tower, album (1998) The Black River Blues Band

Festivals played include:

  • Deep Blues Festival (USA) 2019,2016, 2015, 2014, 2009
  • Floating Cockroach Festival (Finland) 2018, 2017, 2015, 2009, 2008, 2007
  • Gazelle of Death (Russia) 2018 – Finnish Blues Awards (Helsinki) 2017
  • Blues Alive Festival (Czech Rep.) 2014 – International Blues Challenge (USA) 2014
  • Sziget Festival (Hungary) 2013 – Maryport Blues Festival (UK) 2012
  • Boxstock Festival (UK) 2018, 2012 – Lowebow Fest (USA) 2012
  • Eslöv Bluesfestival (Sweden) 2012 – Augustibluus (Estonia) 2018, 2011, 2007
  • Bari Jazz Festival (Italy) 2010 – Le Blues Autour du Zinc (France) 2010, 2009
  • Shetland Blues Festival (Shetland) 2008 – Dundee Blues Bonanza (Scotland) 2008, 2007 – Molinara Crossroads (Italy) 2010
  • Himalayan Blues Festival (Nepal) 2007 – Sun7 Festival (Brazil) 2007
  • Carelian Faces Festival (Russia) 2006 – Rawa Blues (Poland) 2003

Gigs in France, USA, Germany, Italy, Russia, Czech Rep, Brazil, Nepal, UK, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia, Poland, Bangkok…
Reviews, articles and interviews in dozens of international magazines and newspapers.
Live TV /radio performances and interviews: Finland, Italy, Brazil, Nepal, Poland, USA, Estonia, UK, Czech Rep…

Photo by Pasi Rytkönen
  • With ”Double Headed Trouble”, Juhola and Hudson have managed to take the blues right to the edge and in doing so they have managed to also bring us a lot closer to it’s raw origin. They managed to do this by taking the old style Mississippi Delta Blues and basically tearing it a new one, giving us something fresh and new, with the essence and respect for the old and pure. John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)