With Bad Mood Hudson, Maryport Blues Festival, England.
Blues Alive Festival, Czech Rep.
At Red’s Juke Joint, Clarksdale, Mississippi
JW Bubber Hammett, Johnny Lowebow, Black River Bluesman and Washboard Jackson @ Deep Blues Festival, Mississippi
Bad Mood Hudson & Black River Bluesman. Photo by Leif Laaksonen
Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Photo by Leif Laaksonen
The Hopping Frog? Weke Härkönen & Jussi Konttinen.
Photo by Immo Piippo.
Hard Road Blues Band, photo by Immo Piippo.
Mervi Rääpysjärvi. Photo by Immo Piippo
Photo by Riitta Salmi, Turun Sanomat.
Minneapolis. Photo by Peter Lee
With Bad Mood Hudson at Junior’s, Holly Springs, MS. Photo by Peter Lee.
Minnesota Deep Blues Festival. Photo by Peter Lee
Minneapolis, MN. Photo by Peter Lee.
A Mississippi photo by Peter Lee
With Livia Monteleone, St. Paul, MN.
Gazelle of Death Festival, Moscow & St Petersburg. Photo by Nadiya Nirvanova.
The Cockroach Combo @ On The Rocks, Helsinki.
The Croaking Lizard in Estonia.
The one-string Cathead Lowebow by John Lowe.
With Washboard Jackson. Clarksdale, Mississippi.
With Andres Roots back in the day
Photo by Jyrki Kallio
Photo by Stephane Pellennec
Photo by Leif Laaksonen
Photo by Shannon Wells
Alabama. Photo by Shannon Wells
Shacksdale, Mississippi.

With Alexander de Large, Bari Jazz Festival, Italy
With Kisko Kid.
The Croaking Lizard. Himalayan Blues Festival, Nepal. Photo by Himalayan Times
The Croaking Lizard
Esa Santonen, Kisko Kid, Black River Bluesman & Jussi Konttinen. The Croaking Lizard.
Juha ”Kisko Kid” Lindgren, Esa Santonen, Jussi Konttinen & Jukka ”BRBMan” Juhola
The Cockroach Combo.
Sziget Festival, Budapest.
Leicester, UK.
With Red Mouth.
With Chris Hart, GZBC, Clarksdale, Mississippi.
Pärnu Blues Festival, Estonia.
With Alexander de Large, Italy.
Himalayan Blues Festival, Kathmandu.
Andy, Jussi and Dave Arcari, Scotland.
Hastings, UK.
Photo by Enver.
Photo by Amir Abdi.
With Kisko Kid
At Junior’s Juke Joint, Holly Springs, Mississippi
Mayabunder, Andamans.